SPEWZE - The Slime Belcher


Tiny, simple-minded and clumsy, the Spewze can appear quite harmless until it unleashes a blast of living, symbiotic slime.


The Spewze is a creature whose diet technically consists exclusively of slime, but hunts large prey as a growth medium for this sustenance. Carrying live slime in a specialized crop, it can launch a small ball of the biomaterial from its proboscis with deadly precision from several yards away, often targeting the eyes, respiratory ducts or other vulnerable areas where the slime can begin to feed more rapidly.

Once a target has ceased moving under the slime's assault, the timid Spewze will call back its slime with an excited honking, siphoning the entire biomass back into its highly elastic body and abruptly falling asleep as it metabolizes its meal, excreting only a pungent green vapor.

Spewze can be loaded with slime of any variety, but will only mate with a Spewze carrying the same strain. Joining their tubes, they employ their slime to ferry genetic information to their partner, and each will eventually birth an identical quartet of young from their proboscis. These "spewts" will follow their parent until nearly fully grow, though it will pay little attention to them in turn.


Spewze are only marginally more intelligent than the average garbage-class monster, singularly interested in feeding and incapable of understanding orders more complex than what is and is not desirable to fire upon. They are easily distracted by bright objects, especially flashing lights, and will attempt to ingest interesting enough trinkets. Over time, the collected "treasures" of a Spewze may audibly jangle as it toddles about.


Though slime can make a devastatingly effective bioweapon, it is notoriously difficult to control as it increases in both volume and hunger, feasting indiscriminately until it finally collapses and disintegrates into minute slimelets. While this berserk state can be preferable in many situations, the fiendishly inconspicuous Spewze can be a viable strategic alternative, wielding its slime to neutralize a single threat of virtually any scale and subsequently reeling in the mindless slime itself.

A foreign slime digesting the slime of a Spewze will quickly bond to the monster as its new symbiote, making the monster equally effective at the control of wild and enemy slimes. Naturally, monsters such as Oozoid and Oozonaut live in mortal terror of the creature.


SLIME BLAST: The Spewze can fire a wad of slime from a considerable distance, the mass quickly overpowering and consuming even the largest target.

SLIME RECALL: Once a Spewze's slime has reached sufficient volume to incapacitate its prey, it will return harmless to the Spewze for digestion.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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