SPEXECUTOR - The Psychedelic Starer




A monster that effectively balances offensive power with intellectual function, the Spexecutor's plastic-like, colorfully variable exoskeleton is more durable than it may appear, and its powerful brain is distributed in coils throughout this hollow framework.

Each eye of the Spexecutor is equipped to gather visual information down to the microbial level, and houses a silicoid photon generator capable of emitting tens of thousands of lumens at a time; enough to illuminate a wide area in total darkness or blind visually-equipped adversaries. By flexing an internal reflector array, the creature can even focus this light into a concentrated beam hot enough to ignite flammable materials.

The most surprising weapon of the Spexecutor is its blood, laced with a psychotropic drug modified from that of the Thornswaggle and similarly squirted from the monster's eyes when suitably distressed. Even by skin contact, the chemical can cause extreme and unpredictable visual hallucinations, further exacerbated by confusing pulses of light from the monster's eyes.

A Spexecutor's eye sockets are also its twin stomachs; fungal spores, pollen and especially insects trapped against its glutinous eye surface are consumed whenever the creature blinks.

Spexecutor reproduction is as simple as snapping in half down its middle, each piece eventually growing another eye and limb of random coloration.


The Spexecutor hates physical altercation, relying on its hallucinogen and light rays to keep enemies at bay. It prefers intellectual activities above all else, and has a tendency to hoard books, pamphlets, labels, packages or any other objects it finds with printed text, which it may read repeatedly for many hours at a time, even long after committing every word to memory.

By far every Spexecutor's favorite activity is correcting others on factual or grammatical errors.


The Spexecutor is a monster designed originally for strictly administrative work, but the harsh environment of the typical Mortasheen office-hive necessitated increasing their combat capabilities. Their photon generators were perfected first, and their hallucinatory blood engineered into the creatures later. All original specimens lacking these adaptations are believed extinct.


OCULAR LANTERNS: the monster can emit enough light to merely illuminate an area or render onlookers effectively blind as needed, and can concentrate this light to start small fires.

HALLUCINOGEN: the monster's blood interferes with the visual centers of other creatures, causing bizarre and confusing hallucinations.

BISECTION: the creature can survive being broken in two, each piece functioning independently and eventually growing into a whole monster.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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