SQUEEKABOO - The Decoy Joker



This tiny, independent Joker subsists as a micropredator of significantly larger carnivorous monsters. Its psychotropic vapor trail is odorless and invisible compared to the gases of other jokers, but can drive predatory creatures into a state of primal hunger and berserk fury in pursuit of the Squeekaboo regardless of any and all other danger.

Exhausting its would-be predator with its incredible speed, quick reflexes and crafty intelligence, the Squeekaboo finally employs a hidden ring of saw-like teeth to carve a chunk of flesh from its victim and flee with its meal.


A Squeekaboo delights in the thrill of being chased and in toying with its pursuer. Favorite strategies vary from one individual to the next, but many Squeekaboo take advantage of their prey's impaired reasoning skills with complex confusion tactics, booby traps and other devious trickery, their high-pitched, rapid giggles triggering even more reckless and desperate rage.


A Squeekaboo is the ultimate diversionary tactic in team combat scenarios, and in one-on-one battle it can drive an adversary to abandon all strategy and reasoning skills outright. Even monsters with applicable biological weaponry of their own will all but forget how to wield it as they give mindless chase to the tiny Joker, and notice entirely too late if the creature has lured them directly into greater danger.


LURE: the Squeekaboo's invisible gas drives most predatory creatures to obsessively pursue it at all costs.

GOUGING RASPER: the monster's specialized jaws can scoop a single, round hole out of the flesh of its prey in an instant.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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