STINKEYE - The Putrid Stare


   Engineered for crowd control, this panicky humanoid is usually blind behind its heavy eyelid, which lacks the musculature to open on its own and even fuses shut during rest. When its eyeballs are exposed to air, it weeps a coal-black "ink" with a dangerously noxious odor, burning the membranes of other creatures and inducing uncontrollable gagging for several yards. If provoked, the Stinkeye may even give its face a violent squeeze to spurt the vile fluid at attackers, leaving malodorous stains that only grow more noxious before they begin to fade over the course of weeks.

   The facial socket of a stinkeye is also essentially its stomach, digesting any organic matter left to ferment in its juices and refining the waste into a fresh supply of rancid ink. While somewhat cowardly and reclusive, a Stinkeye takes pride in its odor and great satisfaction in seeing its debilitating effects in action.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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