SUCKERPUNK - "Muck Flailer"


   The Suckerpunk is an ornery, amphibious sanguivore capable of delivering an electrical shock to paralyze its prey. Its soft, elastic body is well suited for the dark, wet, claustrophobic environments it favors, hunting amongst the tangled plumbing of sewage tunnels and muddy roots of swamps.


A Suckerpunk delivers an electrical shock through its facial suckers that can be lethal to creatures its own size or smaller, but it will seldom allow prey to die quickly. Regulating its electrical output, it keeps its meals paralyzed while it rasps away the flesh and sucks out bodily contents in a lamprey-like fashion.

The skin surface of a Suckerpunk is densely lined with chromatophores similar to those found in cephalopoda, allowing the monster to blend in with its surroundings and imitate a length of piping or a fallen branch. It flashes brilliant colors when striking, further disorienting and alarming simple-minded prey.


The Suckerpunk is a territorial and bruteish monster, usually staking out a particular decaying tree, slime pool or access tunnel to call its home and viciously attacking interlopers regardless of its nutritive requirements.

Some wild Suckerpunk strictly adhere to attacking prey from below, slithering just under the surface of mud or sewage. Other specimens exclusively cling to ceilings, plumbing or branches and strike passing prey from above. This is a matter of personal preference the creatures take deathly serious; both "underlurkers" and "overlurkers" each regard the other as cowardly degenerates, and both hold particular contempt for the more refined, trained Suckerpunk who willingly alternate their strategy to better suit their surroundings.


Suckerpunk are versatile, if not outstanding battle-monsters, often regarded as a solid choice for beginners but seldom taken seriously in more professional combat circles. With careful training, however, a Suckerpunk may prove a surprisingly dangerous adversary, and their electrical abilities can provide emergency power to technological weaponry or even other monsters.


ELECTROSHOCK: the Suckerpunk's twin tentacle-heads can shock other creatures into paralysis or even death.

STRETCHY BODY: the monster can contort and stretch with ease, grappling from afar and squeezing into narrow openings.

CAMOUFLAGE: the Suckerpunk can change color to match its surroundings or resemble an unremarkable object, such as a rotten log or a rubber hose.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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