TENTABOG - The Greater Brainsucker


   An advanced form of the Skuzbug, the Tentabog is able to absorb light over most of its skin surface, becoming utterly invisible except for its tremendous eyes - which must remain at least faintly opaque to continue functioning. The inability to see its flailing tentacles is usually enough of a danger, and its clawed trunk delivers a paralyzing toxin. Prey is engulfed whole by the highly elastic mouth and stomach, drained of brain tissue and finally expelled alive, slowly regrowing the lost brain but not the lost mind, essentially beginning over as an infant. At any time, a Tentabog can pinpoint the location of past prey, see through their eyes and take temporary control of their motor skills, meeting up with victims to consume their brains again and again.

   A Tentabog may sometimes replace a victim's brain with a Skuzbug embryo. The developing creature controls the host body to nourish and protect itself until it is strong enough to drill its way out.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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