TERRIPATUS - Onychophora sapiens


   A genetic hybrid of human and velvet worm, a member of a basal panarthropod order characterized by their soft, worm-like bodies, tentacled heads and adhesive spray.


While quite powerful, this exotic Arthropoid moves at a careful, sloth-like pace, preferring to hang by its clawed arms from branches, pipes or scaffolding and wait patiently for prey to come within range of its poisonous glue streams. With its victim bound in place by criss-crossing ropes of slime or simply "reeled in" by a gooey lasso, the Terripatus liesurely draws close enough to slice open its meal with its razor-sharp talons and slurp out the innards with its sucking mouth.


The personality of a Terripatus is often described as "elderly" or "sagely." Even as it slaughters prey, the monster maintains an air of serenity, wisdom and a oneness with nature. They almost seem innately aware that they represent such an ancient animal lineage, regarding most other creatures as young, foolhardy and inexperienced, prone to lecturing their own prey on the merits of "taking things easy" or "stopping to appreciate life once in a while."


While not fast, the slime streams of a Terripatus boast an impressive range and can cover a wide area, ensnaring multiple creatures within seconds. The material is also adequate as an all-purpose adhesive, sealant, and even a wound dressing.

Terripatus skin is quite strong, but with a soft, velvety texture and quite valuable when molted. Terripatus skin robes, capes and scarves are even enjoyed by the monsters themselves.


GLUE GUNS: Twin nozzles behind the monster's antennae can project thin, ropy streams of adhesive slime for up to a kilometer's distance, instantly bonding to solid surfaces and hardening almost as quickly into a tough, rubbery consistency. Living prey is further incapacitated by a numbing contact poison in the secretion.

TALON STRIKE: At short range, a Terripatus can surprisingly deliver a lightning-fast killing blow with its massive, scalpel-like claws.

WORM TEETH: The monster's soft, circular mouth conceals a set of serrated, scissor-like fangs. While it seldom needs to do so, it may tightly constrict prey with its serpentine head while gnawing its way through flesh and bone.




Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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