TERRORTOMA - "Beam Polyps"


MACROFORM:This unusual monster is technically several organisms; a harmless, crawling disk - not in itself a Fectoid - and two or more complex, radioactive polyps with their own independent sensory systems. These "heads" can emit concentrated microwave beams from their tubular eyes, frying the flesh of attackers and providing the composite monster with sustenance to break down at its liesure.

MICROFORM: Leaving their mindless disk to slink off and regenerate, the Terrortoma break down into cancerous microbodies and creep into the tissues of a new host, absorbing nutrients and converting surrounding cells into small but fully functional young polyps. Cooperative hosts may enjoy the protection of the parasites, but suffer steadily escalating levels of aggression and seemingly boundless energy. Accidents are frequent, and unstable polyps are prone to explosion when jostled.

REPRODUCTION:Upon a host's almost inevitable demise, the surviving polyps break away in pairs, taking with them hunks of tissue to convert into new disks.

PERSONALITY:Ornery and territorial, any opportunity to "blast" something is prize entertainment to a Terrortoma polyp, and a pair will often get into (literally) heated arguments over whose turn it is to blast the next target or whose marksmanship is superior.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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