TORMANSHEE - The Pulsing Dementia


   The original Tormanshee is one of the great destructors lying dormant beneath Mortasheen city, awakening only in the face of cataclysmic threat. This psionic powerhouse can not only invade the thoughts of sapient beings but can employ them as telepathic "routers" to further extend its influence, setting up a psychic "web" that can span thousands of miles. Its consciousness can travel freely through its mental network and reconfigure any mind it sees fit, pulling the victim into a bizarre dreamworld as it tampers with their memories and feelings. Many awaken from this attack as fundamentally different beings, their minds a distorted pastiche of multiple entities. The process can be likened to transferring and editing files between computers, and leaves many victims feeling violated on the deepest, most horrific level. It is difficult to establish any sort of communication with the Tormanshee itself, but those who have made contact (and escaped with their sanity) report a fearful, innocent and child-like entity - all the more dangerous and unpredictable.

   The destructors themselves have arisen to thwart all attempts at their perfect duplication, but heavily inferior reproductions, while difficult to create and dangerous to control, are virtually unsurpassed in battle by any other monstrosity.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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