TORMITE - The Evil Eye


   Also referred to as a "Brainbaby" or "Headpopper," the infamous "Evil Eyes of Mortasheen" are closely related to the legendary Tormanshee, and seem to share additional genetic sequences with its two fellow destructors. While only a fraction as powerful as successful Tormanshee clones, Tormite are significantly more stable, easier to replicate, very nearly obedient and still quite devastating. Once it has established long-range connectivity with another brain, a Tormite can easily induce automutilation, psychological scrambling, or with intense concentration, explosive cerebral prolapse. Victims perceive these attacks as beautiful, dancing lights and images from the monster's single functioning eye, often manifesting surreal stories, songs and jokes from a child-like but frighteningly unempathetic mind.

   The Tormite's true relationship to the destructors is one of Mortasheen's deepest mysterious, and the Evil Eyes often seek to destroy those who dare experiment with samples of a destructor genome. Evidence points to an additional connection with prototypical human psionicists, and the creatures seem to regard pure Homo sapiens as extended kin.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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