TOXICOIL - The Nightmare Breath


   A product of the great Vapor Wars that resulted in such monsters as the Gasjack and Hexhaust, this bioweapon slithers fast and gracefully on its huge, muscular respiratory tube, leaving a noxious vapor trail in its wake. As its deadly "terror gas" attacks the nervous system and degrades brain tissue, victims suffer uncontrollable panic and overwhelmingly unpleasant hallucinations, especially perceiving the Toxicoil as a physical amalgamation of their innermost fears. In an emergency, it may divert gas to its soft cranium and break free from its tube, floating away on the wind.

   Sly and unscrupulous, a Toxicoil enjoys any opportunity to set up an ambush, using its long trunk to gas victims by surprise. It has even been known to poison its own allies, should it deduce a potential advantage in their ensuing panic. It feeds on dead or dying prey through its smaller, lower facial intake, secreting a digestive enzyme and sponging up thin layers of dissolved tissue.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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