TROGLODILE - The Blind Thrasher


   Milky white from snout to tail, devoid of eyes and up to forty feet in length, these lumbering predators are rumored by some to have evolved naturally in Mortasheen's sewer system, though their disturbingly vast intellect and extrasensory perception heavily implies some level of genetic modification. Ruling the perpetual darkness of the deep "undersewers," their rumbling bellows can be heard echoing from storm drains even miles above. Highly social, Troglodile form congregations where the eldest female is the ultimate authority and community midwife. They may also strike up partnerships with smaller scavengers such as Karacha, Scravenous or Gnawful, allowing the relatively tiny monsters to pick them clean of parasites.

   Troglodile display an inexplicable level of fear and respect for Excrehemoth, utterly refusing to bring them harm.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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