TYRANNITOMA - The Tumorpuppet


   A voracious and relentless predator, the Tytrannitoma is a lurching, squelching heap of diseased flesh and swollen cysts. Few things short of immolation can incapacitate the creature for long, its putrid mass unperturbed by injury and oblivious to pain in its insatiable quest for raw prey, though the beast's power and ferocity belie its true nature.


A Tyrannitoma is in actuality the elaborate, ambulatory and self-aware tumor of another monster; a minute, delicate and cowardly Teratomite. By attaching itself to another living organism, the Teratomite provides its cancerous tissues with an outside source of sustenance, slowly absorbing the unfortunate host creature into the rapidly growing mass. With a perpetual hunger for fresh meat, the monstrous tumor sustains both itself and the surprisingly high metabolic demands of its miniscule progenitor.

The Tyrannitoma's mouth and four limbs vary wildly in their arrangement, but the beasts are otherwise immediately recognizable. If separated from its Teratomite, the tumor will enter a berserk state, lose all sentience and steadily decompose into little more than pools of fluid. The Teratomite will need to find a new host quickly, or its malignant cells will turn upon and consume it from within, destroying both monsters once and for all.


The relationship between a Tyrannitoma and its Teratomite varies from one pair to the next. The Teratomite may regard its tumor as a sibling, a child, a pet, a slave or a mere appendage. The tumor, in turn, may view the Teratomite as anything from beloved family to obnoxious freeloader. During separation, the tumor's consciousness retreats into the Teratomite, lying dormant until it reawakens in a fresh host. Whether or not they enjoy one another's company, the two beings are utterly dependent upon one another for survival.


A Teratomite alone is an insidious enough bioweapon, capable of sneaking itself onto an enemy body and rapidly replacing much of their biomass with a developing tumor. Once ambulatory, the Tyrannitoma is a force of relentless destruction and exceptionally resilient. Only the Teratomite, which must remain exposed to breathe and to visually guide the behemoth, remains vulnerable to most conventional attack methods.


BRUTE STRENGTH: the Tyrannitoma is thick and dense with overgrown muscular tissue. It can tear most smaller monsters limb from limb, and its central orifice, lined with abnormal tooth and bone growth, can bite through a steel door.

NIGH INVULNERABILITY: the Tyrannitoma has no particularly vital organs or centralized nervous sytem. Unless its Teratomite "brother" is targeted directly, the beast can shruf off most physical, biological, chemical, kinetic or psychic hazards.

EMERGENCY ESCAPE: as long as its Teratomite can flee unscathed, the Tyrannitoma can live once more. Whatever remains of its old body may continue to rampage mindlessly.

ABSORBPTION: the Tyrannitoma is "born" (or reborn) when the Teratomite attaches to another monster and takes root. Both the mind and body of the victim will be consumed and replaced by that of the Tyrannitoma.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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