UG - The Trasheater


   From curing eye-worm to garnishing a pan-fried brain, fungi are Mortasheen's single biggest industry after monster development, and no fungus farm is complete without an Ug. Once it consumes a fruiting mushroom, it begins to replicate spores in its lower intestine and passes them in its greaselike excrement - sprayed from the trunk in loud, honking sneezes - which acts as a high-potency fertilizer, causing fungus to grow and mature almost instantaneously. Like most monsters, its abilities are equally applicable to the battle arena, where its noxious spray can quickly incapacitate opponents as colorful clumps of mushrooms explode from their withering flesh.

   Ug require a well-rounded and well-rotted diet to produce their precious soup of spores and feces, thriving well on household compost, though the smell of a Zombie will drive them to ravenous hunger and seems to have the most satisfactory results.

   Ug cannot see from their empty sockets, but can sense changes in the light and navigate easily enough by smell.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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