UNFESTID - The Snapper Nest


An unusually "reversed" Wormbrain in which the outer host is derived from a parasitic worm.


This enormous grub-like monster is physiologically derived from the parasitic vermiforms infesting other Wormbrain-class monsters, but has adapted an entirely free-living lifestyle, grazing on vegetable matter and detritus in swamps and trash heaps. Meanwhile, the worm's cavernous large intestines house a small family of up to a dozen eel-like, endoparasitic vertebrates descended from the ancestral Wormbrain host-beast, sharing a part of their consciousness with the Unfestid and sustained entirely by its digestive processes. Capable of crushing and grinding stone between their thick, dense teeth and jaws, these "snappers" will violently defend their living nest whenever the need arises, and can even be "fired" several yards from the creature's muscular rectum.

During mating, two Unfestid measure one another to determine the largest among them, with the loser giving up a single egg and a single male snapper. This snapper in turn will engage in a complex mating ritual with a female of the recipient colony, after which she will devour him whole. By the time the new Unfestid is ready to depart, a new litter of snappers are ready to colonize its gut.


The Unfestid is a sluggish, drowsy and gentle monster, undulating liesurely about between extended periods of eating and sleeping. Its initial reaction to most danger is to retract its sensitive face and curl into a tough ball, its incredibly thick hide deflecting most attacks until the average predator gives in to exhaustion. Disliking bloodshed, it is often reluctant to release its snappers until it finally sustains injury, and often endures a thorough scolding from its parasitic occupants for not alerting them sooner.


The Unfestid makes an excellent tanking monster, sometimes wearing down an adversary with its superior defenses until it can simply roll over and crush the opposition, reserving its snappers as a surprise offensive tactic when it sees a suitable opening.

Unfestid manure is a prized delicacy among certain Arthropoids, and an excellent growth medium for Botanical and Fectoid class monsters.


COLONIAL MIND: the monster's consciousness is distributed across multiple organisms, giving it immunity to mind-altering substances and psychowave attacks.

THICK FLESH: the Unfestid's large, rubbery body can resist substantial physical punishment.

SNAPPERS: the Unfestid's body is home to several large, slithering parasites with incredibly powerful teeth, which can be "launched" from the creature's posterior.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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