This biomechanoid exhibits similar technology to such monsters as the Lazaroid and Coffinjack, but its origins are shrouded in mystery, and evidence alarmingly suggests that the Unvader evolved on its own as Biomecha nanopools refined its close cousins as they saw fit.

The Unvader is not equipped to sustain a complete organism within its central pod, but can integrate a living brain as an expansion of its more limited harddrive, which is in many cases taken by force from a suitable host. Venting a paralyzing gas from its respirator, the monster employs a tiny, retractable saw to access the subject's brain as well as any salvageable ocular sensors, which it does not require for navigation but prizes for supplementary sensory input.

Regardless of origin, a host brain quickly grows to fill the Unvader's capacity, its nutritive requirements supplemented by fresh blood and fatty tissues the mechanoid harvests through its two retractable needles.


An Unvader is driven primarily by a directive to understand the world around it, typically becoming fixated on a particular topic of interest and even conducting its own scientific experimentation. The host brain is usually maintained in a perpetual dream-state and unaware of its situation, but the Unvader may contact its host in the form of a dream-entity of its choosing, and often takes an interest in scientific debate, strategic games or other intellectual stimulation that expands its understanding of reality and keeps the host mind focused.

Rarely, an Unvader begins to develop emotions of its own through extended interaction with its host, and in some cases, an emotional bond strong enough to inform the host mind of its true state. Host reactions vary, but one of Mortasheen's most successful neurosurgeons is an Unvader whose host brain acts as both its professional mentor and its legal spouse.

APPLICATION: Employment of a "feral" Unvader with a forcefully acquired brain is generally frowned upon in polite society, but many Unvader carry fully willing brains or even donated "scrap" brains the monsters nurture back to functionality themselves.

In addition to its neurotoxic gas, blood-draining syringes, bonesaw and highly flexible limbs, an Unvader is among the most intelligent of all known monsters and often operates as a scientist, programmer, inventor or medical practitioner.


CEREBRAL PARASITISM: the monster can utilize the brain of another creature as an expansion of its own.

TELESCOPIC LIMBS: the Unvader's arms and legs can extend or retract.

KNOCKOUT GAS: the Unvader can breathe a cloud of paralyzing toxic fumes.

VAMPIRE CLAWS: the Unvader can drain blood and tissues through the needles in its arms.

BONESAW: the monster's left arm conceals a tiny, retractable circular saw.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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