VAULT - The Atomic Specter


These strange, fluid-sucking radioactive beings are capable of "fading" in and out of tangibility, and were first discovered in the ruins of an ancient, subterranean particle accelerator dating back tens of millions of years.


Most of a Vault's composition is impossible to determine, as it interacts with physical materials only as it so desires and does not cooperate with physical examination. Only the small, headless bioform suspended in its chest is permanently corporeal, and reads as genetically almost human. The significance of this remains unknown, but the organism appears to be sustained only by an intake of cerebrospinal fluid drawn through the Vault's hollow, needle-like digits. If this bioform is destroyed, the Vault will seemingly disintegrate, but typically reappears unchanged within several days to several years, unaware of and indifferent to any passage of time since.

A Vault steadily generates gamma radiation by unknown processes, which it can intensify enough in short bursts to pose an immediate danger to adjacent lifeforms. Matter it chooses to make physical contact with is typically left with a pattern of thin, concentric burn marks reminiscent of a large fingerprint.


A Vault shows little interest in direct communication attempts by organic beings, but produces a variety of beeps, buzzes and clicks in the presence of electronics and takes well to electronically augmented conversation, revealing a serious, clinical personality and scientific fascination with biological systems, which it refers to as "wet things" or "wetness."

Despite its apparent drive to provide it with nourishment, the Vault seems incapable of perceiving the "wet thing" in its own core, and likewise cannot perceive the humanoid cores of similar "star angel" monsters, such as the Abathrael. Questioned on any other aspect of its relationship to these entities or its true origins, it will respond only with the phrase "YOUR REQUEST IS PROCESSING." To date, this response has never been followed up with further information.


A Vault is willing to cooperate with intelligent "wet" beings so long as its drive to dissect, analyze and catalog other "wetness" is consistently satisfied, an easy motivator to participate in battle. Trainers are advised to keep their guard up in the presence of an understimulated Vault, or they may awaken from their next sleep in a series of carefully organized jars.


SEMITANGIBILITY: the Vault can pass all but its living "core" through solid matter as it pleases.

RADIATION: the monster can sicken and burn nearby organisms with its radioactive field.

SPINAL VAMPIRISM: the Vault's needle-like claws can drain fluid from a vertebrate's spinal cord.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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