VERMEDULLA - The Worm Princess


   While a typical wormbrain is a mindless, symbiotic host controlled by a colony of many parasites, the Vermedulla is a single large, independent, highly specialized female brain-fluke capable of controlling multiple host bodies.


Vastly intelligent, the Vermedulla's brain consistsof several thousand mobile "wormspores" through which she may infect and control any number of simultaneous hosts across vast distances, a single spore even allowing her to invade and control the collective mind of another wormbrain-class monster.

Once anchored in a host, the Vermedulla's wormspores multiply rapidly throughout the body and may form specialized new organs from their own biomass or reconfiigure host tissues on a level comparable to advanced nanomachinery. Multiple modified host strains are detailed under tactical mechanisms, below.

When two Vermedulla meet, they may engage in a "mating dance," writhing their limbs in tandem and inflating their neck wattles before exchanging "male" wormspores. Each will gestate a single daughter in its cranial pod.


A Vermedulla's mind is too obtuse for most sentient bioforms to comprehend, but demonstrates an insatiable curiosity for the world around it. It often attempts to replicate experiences from a host body's past, blend with their former associates or even engage in conversation, usually all with an awkward but amusing degree of error.


Vermedulla are among the most powerful and versatile cerebroparasitic monsters, but can also be described as the most stubborn. A Vermedulla tends to be egocentric, haughty and very easily bored, a dangerous combination for a creature that can overtake almost as many bodies as it desires. At least one specimen, tired of being told what to do, reduced a critical military operation to an elaborate ballgame it invented on the spot; a game with ever-changing rules that proved ultimately confusing and uninteresting to spectators outside the creature's collective.


LEECHING LIMBS: The Vermedulla's arms and legs can rasp through flesh and drain body fluids.

WORMSPORES: The Vermedulla can release a cloud of flying "spores" to infest other hosts, absorbing them into her ever-growing mind.

HOST AUGMENTATION: A Vermedulla may choose to convert a host body into a specialized bioform. Known configurations include:

Spitter: wormspores build tubular orifices for the projection of powerful corrosive enzymes.
Bloater: wormspores construct enlarged chemical sacs. Volatile compounds can be mixed and detonated.
Bruiser: host size and muscle mass rapidly increased. Heavy, slow and powerful.
Scuttler: body mass reduced, limbs elongated, very light and fast.
Flailer: wormspores convert entrails into ambulatory tentacles with calcified blades.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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