VICTROSSUS - The Hollowhead


   Said to have been invented by a maverick Krakenhyde, this towering behemoth's base instincts, life functions, unique experiences and obedience parameters are safely backed up in an abdominal "ladder" of neural tissues, leaving the brain in its cranium freely interchangeable on short notice. As dictated by its master, the creature may simply pop open its scalp, discard its current brain and "plug in" any immediately available replacement from a reasonably fresh body. No matter the mind imprisoned in its skull, the beast remains unwaveringly loyal to its creator, making use of whatever knowledge its current "occupant" provides to fulfill its orders. In a sense, the Victrossus is more "vehicle" than "monster," but a vehicle enslaving its driver to the commands of its builder.

   The permanent neural network of a Victrossus has a personality just independent enough to make its own minor judgments, and will quickly discard an excessively troublesome brain, especially one which struggles for full control or "tickles" too much as the beast often puts it.

   Besides its great strength and durability, the Victrossus can generate and direct electrical currents through the metallic components of its endoskeleton, especially useful in stunning a potential "pilot" and keeping their brain active during transfer.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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