VIVIPHAGE - The True Vampire


   The rarest and most powerful of all vampires, the Viviphage closely resembles the viral body responsible for vampirism itself, and can develop in the body of any sufficiently old and powerful vampiric creature. Its host is not truly destroyed, but becomes one with the mind of the new organism, leaving behind its prior body to wither and die. Able to control blood, it can drain a victim dry without any physical contact or even wield blood as an amorphous appendage.

  A Viviphage usually spends only a few months in its place of birth, long enough to enjoy a brief killing spree and craft itself a large, crystalline cyst from a high volume of hemoglobin. With a final telekinetic blast, it sends itself and this impenetrable vessel rocketing towards the stars, drifting for potentially trillions of years before bringing the horror of the vampire to another inhabited world.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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