VORLUNE - The Space Eater


   Manifesting incompletely in three dimensional reality, this slimy, luminous being appears to be in a constant state of disintegration and reintegration, suffering no apparent harm as innumerable bubbles of empty space pass in and out of its form. What these moving "holes" truly represent is impossible to determine, but the creature may expand the range of this phenomenon far beyond its own body.

   Matter recovered from this dimensional "honeycombing" displays unpredictable levels of degradation if not annihilation, as though exposed to extreme temperatures or impossible lengths of time in the span of mere seconds. Sentient beings caught within the displacement pattern usually experience an intense "tickling" sensation, an onslaught of intrusive, incomprehensible thought patterns, missing time, altered memories, and whatever complications can be expected from tissues which fail to remanifest. Permanent tissue loss appears to coincide with "chewing" and "swallowing" motions on the Vorlune's part, often followed by a satisfied "belch" of ammonia from its many cavities.

   A Vorlune's very mind seems to be in a perpetually fragmented state, and remembers little of the reality it came from. Scant details gleaned from multiple subjects describe a hot, dark place of many "hidden funnels" and a "red cone" spoken of with a mix of admiration and fear. One subject, asked of the red cone, erupted with laughter and is not known to have ceased.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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