WAROMAN - The Balloon Stinger


Engineered as a minion by aquatic vampires, the Waroman can trawl for prey above or below the waves with its elongated, venomous tendril-fingers.


The bloated, hollow cranium of this humanoid monster is filled with an extremely buoyant gas, allowing it to float through air or rest on the surface of the sea as it hunts. Its boneless, rubbery digits can stretch over a hundred feet when relaxed, each lined with millions of venomous nematocysts.

The sting of the Waroman is excruciatingly painful and immediately paralyzing, allowing the surprisingly strong tendrils to drag still-living prey within reach of the creature's tiny but powerful jaws - or the fangs of a vampiric partner.


Waroman are placid, easygoing creatures, sleepily drifting oceanic or air currents until their probing, snaking fingers ensnare something edible. Only exceptional danger can spur a Waroman into more energetic behavior, rapidly propelling itself via gas expulsion. Should its cranial float empty completely, it is quite capable of agile ground locomotion.


A Waroman's extendable, stinging fingers are a versatile weapon in a wide variety of offensive and defensive scenarios, though they are especially skilled at drain-fishing, sending their tendrils through sewage ducts to snag nutritious rodents, worms and amphibians.


BALLOON HEAD: the Waroman can maneuver through the air with ease.

ENHANCED REACH: the monster's thin but strong fingers can extend for a hundred feet or more.

VENOM: the touch of the Waroman inflicts a painful, paralyzing sting.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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