WHUMPLING - The Mustard Apple


   These dim-witted creatures were engineered for simple mass production as organic weapons, having only a single function but performing it with the utmost efficiency; on their master's order, they charge into battle and explode into a massive cloud of thick, yellow-brown smoke that severely burns flesh and even eats away at metal with the added threat of extreme flammability. All the Whumpling leaves behind in its attack is a fist-sized, nearly indestructible black seed, which immediately begins to regenerate the monster's body. With enough nourishment - like the fresh meat of a recent victim - the new Whumpling can mature in a matter of hours, ready to repeat the process again and again.

Whumpling are crudely capable of speech, but spend more time laughing than forming anything intelligible. They are easily amused by bodily functions, human sexuality and (unsurprisingly) explosions of all sorts, making them a valuable asset in media focus groups. At least one, however, is famous for its freak intellect, having become a world-renowned professor of chemistry.


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