WORMINOUS - The Sniffer Worm


   These surprisingly fast, lethal vermiforms were first engineered by a community of rogue arthropoids to serve as hunting beasts, and can track living creatures for miles with their sophisticated chemosensory cells. Their mucus secretions are harmless to the chitinous or chitin-laced hide of most arthropoids, but may burn and shrivel the softer tissues of other creatures.    Worminous regenerate quickly when damaged, and pieces of a severed individual will simply reconnect or continue to function independently, eventually growing into complete new monsters. They are constantly slurping and snuffling at the ground in wide, repeating arcs as they scan for prey. They are limited to a few feet in width, but virtually unlimited in length, growing steadily with age and a continuous food supply. Half of the length is technically head, and can contract completely into the body.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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