This small Ectosaur prefers to feed as a parasite from within a living organism, phasing deep into the organs before semi-solidifying and enmeshing its matrix with the surrounding tissues to feed off host nutriets. Generally unnoticed and harmless, it can be driven under some circumstances to more dangerous behavior.

SLIME SECRETION:Wrigglegeist slime is red, warm, and can be felt pulsating lightly. It smells septic with a hint of alcohol, like a freshly disinfected wound.


A Wrigglegeist under normal circumstances lives in a passive equilibrium with its host, and can feed with minimal harm or discomfort for the duration of a host's life span. The creature is unfortunately susceptible to over-stimulation however, and a host intaking too much of a particular nutrient or chemical stimulant can drive a Wrigglegeist to aggressive gluttony. A "mad" Wrigglegeist may tamper with the nervous system or even damage organs until the host indulges its addiction, and may begin to increase in size until it is capable of fully controlling the host body. When the needs of the ectogeist exceed the capacity of the host's biological systems, it begins to digest host biomass in an attempt to maintain its stability and may expand until it envelops whatever remains of the original host. Depending on the circumstances this entire process from passive parasite to hostile parasitoid may be drawn out over the course of many years or a matter of mere hours, but the end result is always the same: with its host finally annihilated, the bloated Wrigglegeist explodes in a destructive blast of heated slime.

From the bubbling remains, the now shy and diminutive Wrigglegeist shakes itself off and begins its quest for a new home.

Wrigglegeist appear to feel a strong kinship with Wormbrain-class monsters, but most Wormbrains find the Wrigglegeist unsettling.


PARASITIC POSSESSION: the Wrigglegeist can enter living organisms, drain them of nutrients and take control of their physiology as they weaken.

PARASITIC SLIMEBOMB: upon intaking enough nutrients, a Wrigglegeist explodes.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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