WYWORG - The Howling Demishade


   Like the mysterious Shades who toil in Mortasheen city's inner workings, the Demishades consist mostly of a crystalloid skeleton and organs suspended in an energy-absorbing fluid matrix, resembling beings of pitch darkness outside of their protective biofiber skins.


Unlike any other Demishade, the Wyworg's outer skin is a fully organic, living bioconstruct entity with its own limited intelligence and significant strength. This skin requires a regular nutrient intake of fresh protein, and the shade concealed within is in turn sustained entirely by the diet of its carnivorous "suit."

A Wyworg can completely regenerate a lot skin from biological samples maintained in stasis by its inorganic interior. In an emergency, the shade's own ear-splitting howl can be enough to stun other creatures in close enough proximity.


The Wyworg prefers to keep to itself and spend most of its time slumbering until it requires food, emerging from its den on moonlit nights to hunt other monsters and devour them whole. Though they possess independent minds, Shade and skin are always well synchronized, and tend to view themselves as only a single entity.


In addition to great strength, speed and howl, a Wyworg's skin may be utilized by almost any other humanoid or quasihumanoid monster, and may even be cloned independently of the original Demishade.


QUASIBIOLOGICAL: the monster's mix of organic and inorganic components renders it highly resistant to extreme environments and many microbial or chemical weapons.

RENDING STRENGTH: the Wyworg's inner shade is exceptionally strong for its kind, while its outer skin has its own dense layer of muscle tissue.

PARALYZING HOWL: the creature's howl, a product of the inner shade, is loud enough to disorient or stun other creatures.

REMOVABLE SKIN: the Wyworg's skin can fight independently or envelope and augment an ally monster.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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