Nuclear Apparition



The anomaly manifests as a humanoid figure under 1m in height. The exterior surface of the entity resembles an artificial suit comprised of a slick and flexible tissue with the apparent consistency of tough rubber. The cranium is roughly spherical, bearing a single concave pit of pulsating, concentric red rings. As this pit is turned toward external stimuli, it can be deduced to perform a broad sensory function. The torso is roughly conical, flaring out into a semiflexible "skirt." It possesses a pair of short, stumpy arms and a pair of dangling egg-shaped feet or "boots." Its internal anatomy appears to consist largely of variously colored, plastic-like tubing in a complex arrangement, but it possesses no other tissues, organs or fluids. It is often accompanied by a buzzing sound, and its odor is likened to burnt keratin. Visual contact with its sensory pit has been known to induce minor dizziness, tinnitis and xerostomia.

The anomaly is passively radioactive, and appears to require electricity to sustain itself, which it may also discharge under certain circumstances. The entity is most notably attracted to the electrical output of cathode-ray tube technology, its presence reducing CRT image output to raw static. It is usually unrestricted by gravity but locomotes somewhat slowly, as if through a fluid environment. Most significantly, the entity exhibits intelligent control over its molecular tangibility, able to pass through almost all solid materials if it so desires.

XNG-0G's arms each conceal a thin, telescopic needle of an unknown metallic substance in a nearly permanent state of intangibility. The entity can solidify the tips of these appendages for only a millisecond at a time, during which they emit a temperature of 1300 degrees C. By this mechanism the entity may reach inside solid materials and inflict a targeted burn, a method by which it will attack the brains of other organisms with surgical precision.


XNG-0G typically shows a brief hesitation to interact with reflective surfaces, as though ascertaining an unknown danger before contact. It is transfixed by the static it induces in television displays, but on rare occasions it appears to react with alarm to something it perceives in the scrambled signal, often destroying the screen with an electrical blast.


XNG-0G is difficult to communicate with in detail, expressing comprehensive thoughts only briefly and uncommonly. Interviewed about its natural habitat, origins or any memories prior to manifestation it has repeatedly communicated the concepts of humming, turning, hot, bright, flat and out with no consistent context yet determined. Very rarely a specimen has expressed the concept of "back" before attracting a bolt of lightning and subsequently de-manifesting. The occassional complete, articulate sentence demonstrates a highly adaptable intellect, but remains seemingly unable or unwilling to further clarify its nature.

Questioned about what it perceives in CRT static, particularly its outbursts of hostility, only a single specimen is known to have answered with a discernible word: "edges."

A XNG-0G shows no particular acknowledgment of its own kind unless specifically requested. If asked to engage in combat with another specimen, it targets a seemingly empty space in its opponent's lower trunk to inflict what resembles nerve damage. Asked how it feels about engaging violently with its own kind, it has only been known to express the concept of "me" in an evidently positive context.


INTANGIBILITY: the entity can move through solid matter when necessary.

LEVITATION: the entity can move freely in three dimensions regardless of gravity.

ELECTROPHAGOUS: the entity is nourished by and seemingly impervious to harm from electricity.

ELECTROSHOCK: the entity can release electricity in a potentially hazardous burst.

ENDOCAUTERIZER: the entity can manifest a point of searing heat at the ends of its intangible, retractable needles.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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