XENOGOG - The Nuclear Phantom


   These biomechanical horrors are thought to be quite common, but exist beyond the perception of most conventional sensory equipment. The first recorded summoning of the Xenogog was initially an attempt at time travel, but a computational logic trap allowed dozens of these creatures into physical reality.

   Xenogog feed on electricity, and have been known to send themselves "home" by attracting bolts of lightning. Their bodies ignore both gravity and most physical matter, but they may solidify the tips of their needle-like arms to puncture enemies internally, sometimes administering a surgically perfect lobotomy with a single touch.

   Xenogog will take any opportunity they can to watch television, even though their presence reduces it to raw static. On rare occasions, they appear to be terrified by something only they can comprehend in the garbled signal, often destroying the screen with an electrical surge.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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