In the early days of the mutants, a small teaser image promised us a mutant Aisha best described as
multi-legged chestburster with its eyeballs flying out. Pretty freaking awesome, but it was not
to be. Instead, we got whatever you want to call this, which isn't the ghastly maggot-cat of my dreams
but can't be faulted for it, since it's interesting in a lot of other ways. I like how the single huge eye
doesn't even open, and those things down its back really look like a bunch of
Like the Aisha, the mutant Korbat never technically underwent a revamp, but instead had a completely
different version that never saw release at all: a
goofy, shaggy werebat with tattered wings. As
you might have guessed, I like the rejected version a lot more than the "cool" mutant they wound up
releasing. It's cute and all, but I like my mutants to look a lot less
healthy. It should have at least had a
freaky "leaf nose" like many real bats.
Before customization, the mutant shoyru's most distinguishing feature was its comically huge head,
which I was always very fond of. It looked like some kind of pitiful dinosaur fetus. After customization,
they forced it into the standard Shoyru outline, scrapping its most interesting characteristic. Now it
looks a lot like a regular Shoyru with a beaky underbite and warts tacked on. Blech.
This Disney-ripoff tiger cub always rubbed me the wrong way, but I used to like its mutant form back
when it was a
whole lot uglier. It looked like it grew up in a landfill where it had to (literally) claw its
way to the top. Otherwise, not much was all that strange about it, and its cutesier new look has nothing
really going for it at all. Its stripes are made of flesh? That's it?
The Lupe is the most popular species on neopets. Let's move on.
My very least favorite, I never liked mutants who just up the "fierceness" without any "weirdness" factor,
which later became the theme of "Darigan" pets anyway. I really can't tell what's going on with its facial
structure and expression in the current artwork, either, but it's pretty awkward. This is going to sound
out of the blue, but I always thought this mutant would look nicer with a
lack of eyes. You know, some
kind of blind cave Grarrl. Actually, I'd like to see this done for any neopet at all.
This doofy dragon had one of the more overlooked unreleased versions, a red and yellow demon with
no explicitly Scorchio-like features at all. In this case, I could take or leave both designs. I'm just not a
"fearsome dragons" and "sinister demons" kind of monster fan.
By neopets's own admission, the Jubjub is based upon those googly-eyed pom poms with sticker
feet that were a huge hit in the 70's, so it's amusing to have a mutant tentacle version of those.
I do
love this mutant's big eyebrows, mismatched eye size and warty chicken feet, though unfortunately
these features aren't as extreme as they
once were, and if it were up to me, it would have always just
been one giant eyeball with feet...wouldn't that have been
This was always one of my least favorite mutants. It's got a cool color scheme, sure, but otherwise it's
just some extra body parts pasted onto the regular Krawk. This was true both before and after the
massive site overhaul. They really should have given it something more when they updated the art...a
tentacle for a tail, a bulkier physique, anything to differentiate it more from its standard form.
I continue my mind-numbing review of all the "mutants" you could find on!
The Bruce, too, has a version that never got released, a penguin dripping with green gunk. It looked
like a design by the same artist as the original mutant Usul, and perhaps intended as a replacement
for the mutant chia, since their
defeated poses would have looked quite similar. It's a shame they
never came out with the razorbeaked scum-penguin, but the hunchback version is neat in its own right,
you gotta love the Peter Lorre face.
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