The mutant Ixi doesn't do much for me, but it's certainly deserving of the mutant title. I like how it has to
stand up because its front hooves are deformed into freaky lobster-claw hooves.
Several Lenny variations borrow from real birds (like the pink flamingo lenny shown here) so it was
very appropriate that the mutant resemble a carrion bird. Its fully feathered head makes it oddly a little
less gruesome than the real thing, but it's still a very cool-looking design with a nice swampy color
scheme and a warty, scuzzy appearance.
This is another mutant with an unreleased prototype version, and the first case in which I vastly prefer
what they ultimately went with. The unreleased mutant gelert was little more than a
much hairier,
meaner Gelert, which might have been cool as some other pet, but doesn't make an interesting
mutant in my book.
I understand the disappointment of those who clamored for the scrapped design
(you can find fan-art to this day) but I love the hunchbacked, worm-ridden freak we wound up with
. It's a
truly mutated looking canine that would feel right at home in a survival horror. Don't you just hate those
survival horror dog monsters? T
hey're always the biggest pain!
Multiple heads are rather obligatory for any mutant snake creature, since it even happens in the real
world. Unfortunately, this is another one toned down a lot from its
earliest incarnation. Besides
looking a lot bigger and meaner, its more hand-like limbs were actually very distinct from the standard
hissi, which used to be drawn in a flying pose with more wing-like appendages. I liked the idea of the
mutant being flightless, but the clever difference has been lost.
YES. This is the kind of sickly, malformed mutant I wish more would take a cue from, and even borrows
its colors from the delightful mutant Blumaroo. The drooping eyeballs, dribbling mucus and circling flies
make this a contender for the grossest mutant on the site, as well as my favorite of the pets currently
There's not much to the mutant Tonu besides being green, bald and spiny, though it used to also
constantly drool green slime and even bleed slime when defeated, which was great. I don't know
why they felt the need to get rid of its lovely grossness.
Hammerhead eyes seem like a given for a "mutant" shark, and tentacles are make sense on any
monstrous sea creature. It's cool to have a mutant pet that looks like such a totally different species,
and what's not to love about a squid-shark hybrid?
Dungeons and Dragons had something a lot like
this, which of course they called the
Finally, after years of disappointment with the Buzz, neopets released a truly insect-like pet species
with an even more insect-like mutant counterpart. I greatly appreciate that the mutant Ruki is so
drastically different, looking more cockroach-like or wasp-like than its mantid roots. I'm leaning more
towards cockroach, since they're already closely related to the mantis family.
It's also possible that
they're intended to resemble the
vernax, an in-universe pest:
I like this shaggy rodent, with its single dark eyeball and yellowed teeth similar to those of a mole rat,
though I'd like it better if its artwork made it look much larger than the standard Meerca. It really looks
like it's meant to be bigger and beastlier.
I continue my mind-numbing review of all the "mutants" you could find on!
I said earlier that I wasn't a "cool dragons" kind of person, but it was pretty cool of them to do a mutant
draik that looked like a decaying corpse. The little patch of exposed brain is what really sells it for me,
and it's interesting to note that the only major change it underwent after Customization was the
acquisition of stunted little t-rex arms, which I think is an improvement. Compare
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