There's a cute running gag on neopets where Usuls are treated as the "prettiest" neopets and
Quiggles are constantly plagiarizing their items or outfits, so it makes sense that their mutant form
borrows the purple skin and eyeballs of the mutant Usul. I really like how much the body shape differs
from the normal pet, as well as the extreme bulginess of the middle eye and the slobbering problem.
I don't feel very strongly about the mutant skeith. It's cool looking, but they could have done something
stranger with it. Skeiths are the "eating machines" of the neopets world, so why not give it huge,
gaping jaws? A secondary mouth? A transparent stomach full of half-digested food? All the above?
This one previously looked just a tad creepier, but enough that I went from finding it fairly cool - hey,
a weird-eyed rat! - to completely unimpressive. No mutant neopet can wear those clothing items, so
there really isn't any reason for a single one to mimic the pose of its unmutated counterparts. I also
question the vivid blue color, which seems to be an issue with a lot of the worse mutants.
Compared to the standard Bori, the mutant isn't half bad, I love the look of its shell and the dingy green
fur. Unfortunately, it doesn't really come across as a "mutant" on its own merits, and could easily pass
for a cute, genetically mundane neopet species. Making it more like an actual armadillo with pebbly,
scaly skin would have m
ade a much more striking, more "creepy" looking neopet.
I'm glad this one still oozes phlegm, but it's otherwise a bit dull. Flotsams are supposed to be
counterparts to the Jetsams, so why did the Jetsam get tentacles and the Flotsam just get spinier?
They could have given this one tentacles of its own, or better yet,
lobster claws. A dolphin-lobster or
dolphster is an obvious natural enemy to the squid-shark or squark.
Ugh. If any neopet were begging for one of those hairless, mangy mutations it had to be these
Sonic ripoffs, but instead they just get bigger, hairier and even cheesier looking.
Lame. This sad sack is almost worse than the mutant Grarrl, with nothing but a stinger-tipped tail and a
few reptilian scales over the common Zafara.
Another grossly underwhelming attempt, the Mynci was the last mutant released before the shift to
customization, and while it's cute in a "monster under the bed" sort of way, they really missed a lot of
opportunities for something
more monstrous, or if they wanted to be really clever, make the mutant
look like a weird little
You may have noticed a pattern among my favorite mutants. I adore the sickly, rotten look of the koi,
and how those glazed eyeballs point in different directions. I'm surprised they didn't give it a lure like
an anglerfish, since they did so for a
Walrus, but it doesn't really need one to be cool.
I continue my mind-numbing review of all the "mutants" you could find on!
I've always adored the comical ugliness of the Walrus, so I was pleased to see the Tuskaninny join the
Blumaroo/Gnorbu/Moehog family of mutation. Perhaps realizing that the result is essentially just an
actual, normal Walrus, the artist threw in an
illicium like an Anglerfish. It's really quite whimsical, and of
course, another contender for my favorites, though I slightly preferred the
grumpier expression it had
before the site revamp.
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