The Yurble heralded a new age for mutant neopets, as the very first one to be designed and released
after the shift to "customizable" artwork. Mutants, due to their atypical body types, couldn't be dressed
up in costumes like most other pets, so the artists began to compensate by drawing mutants more and
more elaborate. This one isn't all that drastic, and while the colors are a little blinding, they make me
think "mutant tentacled care-bear," so this gets my approval.
Here's what I mean about more elaborate. I was always hoping that if they released a mutant peophin,
they would do something clever with the whole horse/fish thing, like a fish head on a horse's ass.
Sadly, they instead went with this tropical squid-horse-lobster, which surprisingly doesn't appeal to me
as much those words should have implied.
It's neat and all, but awfully pretty for a "mutation."
Yuck, is that the best they could come up with? This My Little Pony style pegasus unicorn was
begging for as hideous a mutant as possible. This should have been a filthy, misshapen, emaciated
wretch of a mutant...retaining the pretty little angel wings, because funny. This one-eyed moehawk
monster just isn't even
...On the other hand, holy crap, this is pure gold. The freudian lips bursting with black tentacles are
nothing I haven't seen on a lot of other monsters, but by neopet standards, it's almost
jarringly horrific.
Combined with the segmented horns, snake's tail and extra eyes, the mutant Kau looks like one of
those pagan interdimensional deities from the pages of Lovecraft. My only complaint is that the
snake's tail might be a little too much. I'd have actually found it slightly cooler with just a regular
When I first saw the mutant Ogrin, I didn't really know what to make of it. The colors and body parts felt
just a little too eclectic, too clashing. The alien goat face, however, is highly appealing, as are the
barbed tentacle ears and the fact that its tail is a
carnivorous plant. I think it's actually the horns that
feel most out of place to me, and would have looked better as a second set of pink tentacles. The alien
goat quality matches well with the Kau...add a Pteri and a Moehog and you can have a whole
barnyard's worth of biological abominations.
I don't know what the hell this is, but it sure as hell isn't a mutant. The average neopets player probably
thinks this is flat-out
awesome, but if they wanted to create a digital space demon, they should have
come up with a whole new pet type. How do you "mutate" to have a face made of dark matter? If you're
still convinced
this makes a great mutant, take a look at this fan-art I found of a hypothetical
mutant Acara
, and weep for what should have been.
I don't know why they chose an eye-burning blue again, but otherwise, I love this thing. I'd almost keep
it on my main account. With its ugly chicken mug and its serpentine body, it clearly borrows from the
cockatrice, and the prehistoric-looking wings are downright wicked.
I continue my mind-numbing review of all the "mutants" you could find on!
As you know by now, this sort of fierce, draconic mutant isn't my style, but I wouldn't have expected
anything else from a griffin-based pet. I do like how the wings appear stunted and probably useless for
flying, and the colors are quite pleasant to look at. This is another one I think would have been great
without any eyes, giving it a more "Giger's Alien" vibe.
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