Hi welcome to my own page on the intarnet! Im "ONLINE"! "LMAO!" hahaha!
My name is OVNUNU you are supposed to say it like this: "ov-noo-noo!" This is
a page all about ME and my frends!!! I drew them all myself I think I am prety
good at it for being just eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! As game bosses we die a hole lot but that
is ok it is our job and we are back as soon as you reset youre game!!!
This is a picture I drew of myself. I am
60`5`` and 39868254 years old! I have lite
golden brown eyes and I live in a hole. I am
very big and break the walls when I move
but thats ok I do not mind!!! I have no
arms or legs but I do not mind that either If
I get mad at U I will come out I am the
biggest eye!!! I have this cool diamond
thingy Phalanx said "Ovnunu you bettar not
let that gargoil get this crest!!!" I`m like
"Yeah whatever!" LOL! O_o

I like watching movies, TV, watching other
people play video games, lots of ANIME
and visiting my older cousin in hyrule!
This is my best frend BELTH! He is white bones so I did not color him I
put blue clouds though and he likes this picture. He has a neat sword for
an arm it is cool but it looks very heavy! He lives above me in the bones I
didnot draw them there are so many!!!
This is CRAWLUR!
He is realy big and kind of slow thats ok though I am also slow! He has only one
eye and that kind of makes me sad sometimes but he doesnt care he is FUN to be
with! He makes his own frends they have no legs either it is kind of gros but they
are fun to be with too. His neighbor is a snail that guy is kindof creepy so we jsut
dont talk about him alot. Once we had a sleepover and prank phone called old man
made his leters red
because he is all fire! It
looks very hot inside but
he likes it that way he is
ok I guess but watch the
eyes,mister!! (X-x)
SCULA (I wasnt sure how 2 spel it
so I asked SCULA!) I do not know
how many guys SCULA is but they
like water and bowling.They are
lots of colors it was hard to color
the picture right! ^_^
Here is GREWON she has cool
hair! I do not have hair but if I
did It would be cool like this!
She does not get along much
with flammlord she hates fire!
This is a fire eating ghost it
is my favorite animal here
in the demun realm!!
This is DARK DEMON he is white bones
like belth maybe they are related but I do not
think so! he is big and scarie we dont hang
out with him a lot sometimes he looks
different HE WAS HARD TO DRAW!!!!!!!!
SOMULO has wings but there are lots of
holes in him I do not think he likes to fly!
This is Fire brand I hate him he burns my eyes!