So the next variant is Ponyta, and it's gone from a fire type to a psychic type. Wait, Psychic? Not fairy? Huh. Well, it kind of loses its edge when it stops being on fire, but if you always wanted a traditional Lisa Frank sort of unicorn Pokemon, you've got one now. This Ponyta is all about healing powers, but it can also "detect evil," like a Dungeons and Dragons cleric. I guess that's all rather disappointingly cliche' of a pop culture unicorn; it definitely could have used a dash more edge to make up for the loss of fire typing.

So while not my thing personally, I do appreciate how overwhelmingly 80's the Rapidash is. It's the Pokemon for every fan of the original, more tolerable My Little Pony, or better yet, She-Ra's talking horse, Swift Wind. The new She-Ra cartoon gave Swift Wind a friendly, kind of ordinary conversational human voice but the original Swift Wind had a deep ominous voice and that was great! Anyway I still like Rapidash more when it's a flameicorn but I also like this tie-die trapper keeper rapidash even if it should have been fairy type.

Oh wait, it is? It gains psychic/fairy? Well alright now.