With regional forms and regional evolutions out of the way, let's now look specifically at the Gigantamax forms given to older Pokemon, beginning with Bigger Charizard. I've "optimized" (significantly lowered the quality) of all our animated pokemon gifs, but Gigantamaxes still come in at multiple megabytes. Fortunately our current home on still doesn't come close to pushing its data limits, and I'd really like recommend you all check neocities out yourselves because if it doesn't do well and it disappears, will have to look for another new home! Besides, I'd really love to see more people making websites of their own again. Everybody started using things like Youtube and Tumblr as their "content platforms" over the years, and the art of having your very own site like mine almost died completely when I wasn't even looking. Almost NONE of you own a webdomain?! Almost none of you even have a single "homepage" like we all did back in the 90's?! You just have twitters now?! BOOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I HATE THAT!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-WUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway this big pocket man only really just exists to be a crowd pleaser; they always have to do something new with the ever-marketable fire dragon. Judged on those merits, it's not bad, but it's also not as good looking as its two Mega forms were, especially not that stylish black and blue one. It's just got a slightly scarier face and flame wings, when I feel as though this should have been an opportunity to experiment much further with Charizard. I mean, this is now a giant monster fire dragon(oid)...why only ONE HEAD? A superb reference to Orochi or King Ghidora was just about screaming to come out here.