Okay, that's hilarious. Some hate the fact that this is possibly a reference to the "longcat" internet meme, but ridiculously tall Meowth is still just a really funny idea. It's the kind of thing Team Rocket's Meowth in the anime would dream of, and it'll be a real shame if he never gets to do this, but I suppose it'll be just as funny if he has to deal with the insecurity of meeting a Meowth who can.

I particularly like the fully illuminated, pupil-less eyes, and of course the simple fact that this is Meowth, not Persian. I'm still not knocking Persian, mind you, it's just that the two are very different looking Pokemon and it's all too easy to fall in love with a Pokemon who changes a bit too much when it evolves. If you were ALL about Meowth, I hope you enjoy getting a regional form, a more Meowth-like regional evolution, and this gigantamax. Until now, I would have assumed that a given Pokemon would only ever be allowed a single new evolution, mega or regional form, but it seems like Sword and Shield puts just about anything back on the table, and that's one thing I'm pretty glad it did.