GIGANTAMAX VENUSAUR's time now for the first ever "DLC" in the franchise, since you now have the option to add a little more gameplay and a few more mons to a main title for an additional $29.99...about half the cost of the original game, but significantly less than half as much content. You folks are really putting up to 90 bucks into one Pokemon game? Ouch. They still don't even make the entire Pokedex available!?

Regardless, new Pokemon are new Pokemon, an event I always find fairly exciting. Up first is one of the newly added kaiju, so I'm glad it really wasn't just Charizard getting something special again. I do in fact like what Gigantamaxing does to Venusaur, its flower outgrowing it so quickly that the petals shelter it like a massive, domed shell! Unlike most other Gigantamaxes, this is actually a more dramatic and interesting visual difference than the same Pokemon's mega form was. I'll give it a 4/5 by Gigantamax standards, now that we're fairly accustomed to what they're all about.