Ponyta and Rapidash

Like Vulpix, Ponyta is another fire type that isn't really my kind of thing, but I can't deny it's nicely drawn and fills a niche. If you're into pretty, cartoon horses, Ponyta pretty much has you covered, though it's kind of surprising that it remains the only pony or horse pokemon in the game. We've got around a dozen cats, dogs, monkeys, a few bears and a few different pigs to choose from. What does Gamefreak have against horses?

Really looking at and paying attention to Rapidash for possibly the first time in my life, I'm struck by just how much less cute it is than Ponyta. That may be more or less normal for a pokemon evolution, but it seems like a steeper plummet than usual. I guess that's just how horses are. The world is trained to think of them as beautiful and majestic, but they really kinda look like a human skin stretched over a giant weird dog.

I feel like horse fans deserve a few more pokemon. Maybe a steel-type armored horse, or a ghostly "nightmare" horse. I'd even nominate a horse for the first skeleton pokemon. Not a lot of animals have a spookier skeleton than a horse.

I wish I disliked Ponyta and Rapidash just a little more so I could make a "NAY!" joke.