Alolan Marowak

So until they decide on adding even more of them in a follow-up game (and I'd certainly love it if they did), Marowak is the very last Pokemon to receive an Alolan form. It's a shame that only ten evolutionary lines would get this treatment in Sun and Moon, but it's pretty awesome that none of them are starters, legendaries or anything that already enjoys its share of popularity.

Cubone and Marowak were always extremely unique pokemon, and Marowak's Alolan form plays up everything that made this bone-wearing dinosaur so cool. We all know Cubone's skull and bone supposedly come from its own dead mother, and in the original Red and Blue, we even encountered a mother Marowak as a ghost, all of which is referenced by this ghost/fire variant - its mama's spirit supposedly really inhabiting her own bones to help protect her child. How amazing is that!?

So amazing, I'm still going to ignore the question of how this species can at all sustain itself.

It's a weird lizard teaming up with and wearing its dead mom.