Teddiursa and Ursaring

Pokemon can be basically anything in the human imagination, but sometimes, I guess you might want a pokemon to just be a bear. It's a cute enough normal type, though I always thought "Teddiursa" was one of the more awkward English names. If there's a way to mesh "teddy" and "ursine" into a name that rolls pleasantly, this definitely isn't it.

"Ursaring" is a little better named, and like I said, it's alright for a pokemon to just be a bear. Some people like pokemon who also really like bears. Personally, I can take or leave bears. As much as I respect all animal life, a bear just kinda seems like the default mammal, doesn't it? Just a big burly mass o' mammal, mammalin' it up. It doesn't jump or squawk or swing or have any quills or venom or keratin scales.

Ursaring is the most normal of all normal types because bears are normal types in real life.