It hadn't even fully hit me until now that the second generation introduced only five steel types. Steelix, Scizor, Forretress, a typing update to the Magnemite line, and Skarmory here. While Forretress is my favorite, I feel like this winged murder weapon is kind of the "premiere" steel pokemon; as a part flying type, it's the closest to a pure steel creature we would have for quite some time, and it's another of those unforgettably vicious looking pokemon, with wings made of knives and a head that's more like some deep-sea shark than a bird. There's also that amazing name, and pokedex entries informing us that Skarmory nests only in thorny brambles, protected by its metallic plating. Killer!

What Skarmory immediately reminded me of was always the classic foes of Gamera, like Gyaos, Guiron, and especially the shark-like Zigra here. Skarmory just feels like a middle ground between the three, or like it'd just make a seamless addition to their crew.

A beautiful and terrifying blade bird.