Another of those Gold and Silver mons with that "B-list" feel. Nothing against Stantler personally, of course, it just seems like it might have been more suited to the early numbers of the dex, and maybe in a generation without so many other fill-in-the-blank normal types. I'm certainly liking it a lot more now that I really give it a good look, though. Was its face ALWAYS that weird? I know it always had the false "eyes" for horns, which is really cool, but I sincerely didn't remember it having that huge, bulbous koala nose and floppy jowls before now. I always remembered it with more of a dainty little cartoon deer face. This is certainly a whole lot closer to an actual reindeer, so, props to Stantler for looking like a more interesting doofy mammal rather than some Disney-cute cookie-cutter animal.

Its Shiny form even has a red nose. Hah!