Makuhita and Hariyama

...Why wasn't this an evolution of Tyrogue? Just color it brown and you've got Hitmonsumo. Not as cool or as interesting as the other hitmons, no, but endearing enough.

Things get weird when Makuhita evolves into Hariyama, which, when I first saw it, looked like a completely nonsensical mess of a design. I've come to understand it a bit better, but there are still a lot of different pieces forming this humanoid that still don't really feel like they were designed to go together. The peachy skin and blue-grey parts are alright, and I kinda like its strange face and inhuman ears, but the hands don't really feel like they mesh with the rest and the fringe of square, yellow petals really break up any flow this might have had. It's not meant to be anything more than another of those off-human fighting types, I like those, and I want to like this one on those merits, but it just could have been executed a whole lot better.

Odd, kinda messy. Fills a fighting humanoid niche in this gen but not much else.