Skitty and Delcatty

This is another of those pokemon that just sort of fills a popular niche within its region. It's a normal-type feline that basically exists to give this generation its own "Meowth." I do like that some animals get repeated like this in whole new styles, but there isn't a whole lot to Skitty other than a super cute face, and an obscure observation I'm not sure anybody else cares about: those things on the end of its tail were, for a very long time, the only example of a pokemon with any single-line appendages.

I mean, look at Meowth's whiskers. They're fat, colored spikes. Skitty's tail-feelers are just thin black lines, the way most hairs and whiskers are illustrated. That immediately stood out to me the first time I saw Skitty, and I have no idea why my brain cared enough to even process that information, but it did.

Skitty then evolves into Delcatty, which kind of just looks like an Eeveelution. It looks like a more interesting Eeveelution than most of them, but it's kind of wasted as an unrelated normal type. I'm not really sure what this design was going for otherwise, it's like they designed Skitty first and kind of scrambled to come up with a bigger cat-thing for it to evolve into, the result looking entirely unrelated.

Nnnnnn, whatevs.