The Meditite Family

Meditite continues the fighting type's trend of human-like forms, but it's also a psychic type, so it's got a meditation theme and apparently lives up in the mountains eating only one berry a day and reflecting on the nature of existence. I kinda like its onion-shaped head.

The final form of this pokemon is Medicham, and I'm really not sure whether I like it or not. Like Hariyama, I can see what it's going for and it's not terrible, but something about it feels kinda "off." I really like its broomstick proportions and almosy fishlike face, but maybe the thing on its head could have had a more interesting shape, or its arms could looked better. I don't really know. It feels like a hasty design and haphazard idea to me.

Whatever bugs me about Medicham, it's definitely not mitigated by its Mega form. The idea that it now projects additional arms with the power of its mind is cool and gives some weight to the pokemon's concept, but those arms just don't look that great to me, and the white turban is jarring. Why isn't it at least red, like the pokemon's head-dealie was before? The yellow spot in the center also could've been an eye, which is what it would symbolize in the first place, isn't it?

Not terrible, but not quite right?