The Swablu Family

Personally, I'm kinda ambivalent on today's pokemon line, and I'm not even really sure why. A little normal/flying blue songbird with clouds for wings isn't a bad concept, it's designed nicely enough for what it is and it has an endearing little face, but I guess it's just even more "not my thing" than almost any other pokemon we've looked at recently.

Altaria is kind of a step up from Swablu, I definitely appreciate that it kept the cuteness but almost upped the silliness. That is a very cute-silly bird face, I have to say. It's also, remarkably enough, now a flying and dragon type. The first two generations had us expecting only one dragon line this gen, and instead, we got two totally different dragon lines only half-way through - with more to come!

Altaria was given a Mega, and I guess if you're an Altaria fan, it could have been worse. It's got everything Altaria had going for it, but slightly rearranged. I'm not sure what's up with the colonial sailor hat, though.

The unexpected dragon typing is kind of all that makes this line memorable for me.