Latios and Latias

Immediately after the legendary trio, we get this legendary duo of psychic/dragon pokemon, which are also sort of modeled after airplanes. Okay. Sure. It's not a bad concept, but it always felt kind of extraneous. I constantly forget that these pokemon exist, and whenever I remember them, I forget they were introduced in the third generation.

The "latis," for whatever reason, also rank among my least favorite designs in the series. That doesn't mean I "hate" them, of course. I've had people bizarrely accuse me of "hating" pokemon I even gave average reviews for, but there's a reason people use the phrase "least favorite" over "most disliked." Latias and Latios are inoffensive to me, but also wholly unremarkable. There's simply nothing about them that grabs my attention.

Heck, I don't even know what more to say to stretch out this review, and we've still got the megas to go over. This is Mega Latias and it has bigger arms. I guess they're more visually interesting, but their faces in particular look really odd to me. It's like they're not sure whether they want rounded or pointed faces, and I think more rounded might have looked a bit better even if it would go against the plane motif.

So, this is mega Latios, and...

Yeah, it's the same design. Latias and Latios are little more than palette swaps of one another, blue and red, so they morph into the same purple-hued mega form. I guess it's...thematic. Kinda cute. I'm impartial.

Sorry guys, they just don't do it for me.