Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza

Remember when the first generation just had three birds, Mewtwo and Mew? As quick as I am to defend aspects of the third generation, it does mark the point at which the series went bananas with the legendary pokemon. Here we've got not only the golem trio and the latitwins, but a whole second trio of almost god-like elemental monsters, and we're STILL won't be done with this generation's legendaries. Yeesh!

So, the water-type Kyogre is said to parallel the biblical Leviathan, and supposedly created the oceans themselves. It's also a humongous orca whale, but I don't see a lot of people call attention to that aspect...and I even had an argument once with somebody who swore it wasn't an Orca at all. Yeah, I still don't know what their rationale was.

Design-wise, it's not bad. It's got cool looking eyes and the red, rune-like markings are alright. Every single time I look at Kyogre, it's actually a lot less busy and muddled than I keep remembering it.

Instead of a "mega" form, Kyogre has a "primal" form, though the difference is in name alone. I can't say I have any opinion either way on these design changes, they're just kind of different.

Not a bad legendary or a bad killer whale. Acceptable pokemon.

Kyogre's version counterpart and arch rival is the ground type, Groudon, which of course created the land, though every time I look at this thing, I keep wanting to think it's a fire type. This design also really is cluttery as heck; not really bad looking taken as a whole, but a nightmare to have to draw and animate. Otherwise, it's basically just a big bipedal lizard; another kaiju-style reptiloid.

I kinda like "primal" Groudon better than primal Kyogre. I'm not really sure why. I guess I like the black spikes, and the glowy effect looks a lot more menacing here.


The storyline - such as it is - of Ruby and Sapphire revolved heavily around the Kyogre/Groudon rivalry, but there was still a third force at work, the flying/dragon Rayquaza. The domain of this monster is, of course, the sky, and it acts as a mediator between the monsters of the sea and land.

Of the three, I'm going to say Rayquaza has the coolest design. It's a big, flying snake with tiny dinosaur arms and a pretty frightening face. The yellow markings feel like a little much, but I like the wings and fins on it well enough. It's basically the FOURTH dragon in this generation - if you count mega Salamence - to be part airplane. Somebody had a major thing for airplane-like-dragons, and according to the internet, they surprisingly were not alone.

Finally, we have Mega Rayquaza. Not primal this time, just regular old mega, and it's certainly...a lot. A lot of...stuff here. A little too busy for me to really take in. Not bad, though, since it's obviously aiming to look like some antique jade sculpture or ornamental kite of a traditional dragon. I'm gonna give ray-ray an extra ball.

Not my thing, but cool.