The Chimchar Family

I have nothing in particular against monkeys, but I've never been all that big on the Chimchar line. Maybe it's because Aipom and Mankey feel like more stylish and interesting primate designs, or maybe it's because a monkey with some fire on it is just kinda of bland for a fire type.

The only really unique thing about this one? Its pokedex explicitly tells that "gas made in its belly fuels the fire on its rear." This is a monkey pokemon with a perpetually burning fart. It's fairly appropriate to a monkey, but the theme doesn't last.

It just really doesn't feel to me like Monferno has a lot going for it, particularly now that the flame is on the end of its tail, which was already the gimmick of the Charmander line. The design is also kind of cluttery to me.

Of the three, the fire/fighting Infernape is at least relatively nice looking. The Face feels more natural than Monferno's, and it's obviously meant to remind us of the Monkey King, so it's finally more than just a monkey that's on fire. I'm still not personally a big fan of this one as a pokemon, but I get it.