Shieldon and Bastiodon

Our other fossil dinosaur is Shieldon here, some sort of ceratopsian which does admittedly make a cute counterpart to cranidos. One bashes, one guards, both with their armored heads. I'm kind of impartial to the design, but it is cute how the eyes peer through a slot in an otherwise solid plate.

So, the rock/steel Bastiodon, I actually really like. The smiling underbite has a lot of personality to it, and its face, while also evocative of some sort of ancient ritualistic mask, is primarily intended to resemble the front of a medieval castle, with "eyespots" that even look like illuminated windows.

The rest of this beast isn't bad either, I like the slope of its squat body and I like the rocky boots of its legs. Not bad, even if it didn't need to be a fossil.

A good dinosaur.